CRM Consulting

Book a 1:1 call with one of our experienced CRM experts to figure out which CRM is best suited for you and/or how to set up Pipedrive most effectively for your business workflow. 

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Pipedrive Audit

We use a systematic approach of reviewing your business processes and your current Pipedrive implementation to identify strategic and technological areas of improvement for your business . The Pipedrive Audit includes a 1-hour business discovery call followed by a technical audit of your Pipedrive account. 


Pipedrive Implementation

We divide our implementation projects into 2 sprint-like phases: the basic account implementation and the advanced account implementation. 


The basic account implementation sprint focuses on clearly defining your sales process and implementing the basic settings in Pipedrive so that your team can start working in the system within a few days. 


After the Basic account implementation is complete and approved by the client, we move on to the Advanced Account Implementation, where we work on process automation and application integration. We help define and implement Pipedrive workflow automations, Zapier Automations, and integrations with 3rd party apps. 

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Pipedrive Training

iSales Solutions offers Pipedrive training in 3 different forms:


1-Hour Live Zoom Training Sessions


Personalized Loom Training Videos


The iSales Solutions Pipedrive Training Course

The zoom training sessions and personalized training videos are typically paired with the implementation projects and cannot be booked without at least having a Paid Consultation first so that we can personalize our training to your Pipedrive instance. 


The iSales Solutions Pipedrive Academy will be available soon!


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Sales Training and Consulting

iSales Solutions partners with the Conscious Growth Coach to help sales teams and executives achieve better results. Sign up below for a quick discovery call to learn more about what you need.